AngelinaA Roma

AngelinA Roma is a fashion accessories brand created by Stefania Barbesi.

The logo comes from the union of 2 triangles that graphically represent the initial and final "A" of the name AngelinA. The circle that contains, completes the logo giving it balance and harmony of dimensions.

AngelinARoma accessories have essential lines but at the same time they are chic, luxurious and modern.

The idea of the brand, for its creations, draws inspiration from the refined geometries of 20th century French art and the eclectic spirit of the 70s.

The logo is chosen golden, to symbolize the sun, splendor, joy and nobility. It is present in every accessory, enhances and spreads a positive message for the meaning of the figures that compose it.

The AngelinA Roma collection boasts Italian design and workmanship.

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