High quality, attention to detail, refinement of the raw material, creativity, innovation and profound craftsmanship’s mastery are the main elements that have always characterized the “Made in Italy” brand and that have made it a real absolute excellence, recognized worldwide.

Exactly from these characteristics were born those numerous Italian brands that, during the last century, started a real dominion of Made In Italy in the luxury fashion sector.
Dominion that unfortunately, in recent decades, has suffered a sudden slowdown as a victim of continuous plagiarism and counterfeiting of those who have exploited the fame of the Made In Italy brand in an inadequate manner: fake products, Italian sounding and scams of any way have helped to disqualify the image of the true Italian product in the world.

To pay the costs were precisely those artisans who instead continued to believe in these ideals, continuing to create handmade products of the highest quality, unique in their kind and unparalleled in the rest of the world!

The goal of CIAO (Check Italian Articles Out), conceived by two young Roman entrepreneurs, is to relaunch internationally brands that produce 100% Made In Italy items, bringing them to every corner of the Earth, and thus allowing those to take advantage of our service, to wear exclusive and refined products, thus being unique in his eyes and those of people around him.

That’s why buying on CIAO means having the absolute certainty of dressing with authentic products, designed and manufactured entirely by craftsmen of Made In Italy!

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